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What to write inside a Christmas card?

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The Holiday season is just around the corner, and you might have a lot of things planned for the season of jolly and celebration. Sending Christmas cards is one of the age-old traditions of Christmas and makes the one that receives the card feel special. Especially If it is handwritten or a personally printed message inside, it makes one feel ecstatic. There is not a lot of space inside a card where one can write much, so writing and conveying how you feel in a few words in art.

A beautiful memory

While you are sending a greeting card to your friend or family or a loved one, you could write a short version of a memory you shared with them. It could be a trip you took together or something that happened during one of the holidays when you were with them. It could also be a memory of how you met them if that is memorable and something to cherish.

A poem

Writing a poem is not easy, but I wouldn’t say that it is tough either. You don’t have to write like Shakespeare or Keats to make someone happy. You could just put some rhyming words associated with the person together and form sentences. A short and sweet poem could put a smile on anyone’s face if you write it. It shows effort and could go a long way.

An inside Joke

If you’ve known someone a long time and you remember some incident where you both laughed uncontrollably, you could maybe reference that in your message, and that would put a smile on their face or even get them laughing. If you have a picture of the incident or you could recreate it by drawing it, then there’s nothing like it.

A silly comic

You don’t have to be a comic artist to draw some cute and funny doodles. You can even draw stick figures and make it a short but funny conversation between you two or some characters that they like. This is not something everybody does, so it will be a special way to show someone you care to put the effort to make them smile.


A season of honesty and love calls for confessing about how one feels about someone. A Christmas card is one great way to tell someone you are thinking about them and how much you miss and love them. If you think you have not been in touch for a long time, it is a great way to get in touch and stay in touch by sending someone warm greetings with a Christmas greeting card.

Giving someone cards with a personalised message is a very sweet gesture, make sure you try one of these, and it will surely make the ones you love happy.

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