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Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

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Christmas is almost here, and you can feel the merry chills already! December gets every Christmas lover on their toes. The snow, the decorated trees, the Christmas lights look so refreshing! Christmas greetings are around the cover, and we’ve got some easy-to-make card ideas. Anyone can make these within minutes.

Christmas-Tree Card

You’ll need paper gum, cardboard, colour paper, and some colourful buttons. You have to cut one cardboard in a rectangle shape and another one in a Christmas tree shape. Stick a green colour paper on the Christmas tree cut-out and paste in whole on the rectangular one. Springle the colour buttons on the tree and there, you have a Christmas card!

Rudolph Card

You’ll need brown paper, paper gum and a few decorative stationeries. Keep your right hand on the paper upside-down and trace it. Make the thumb look like a head, and there you have a reindeer card. You can give him a smiley face and decorate his body.

Handprint Cards

Like the reindeer card, use your hands to make designs on colour paper. Cut out this piece and stick it on a plain greeting card. Write the well-wishes over the hand designs. Make it look like waving-hands.

Santa Clause Card

You’ll need white paper and lots of cotton! Draw the big round eyes and stick the cotton-like Santa’s beard. It should cover the whole paper. Take a piece of thin red colour paper and cut it in the shape of a Christmas hat and place it over the eyes. Your Santa-card is ready to jingle!

Photo Card

Christmas is about family, and a photo card is always endearing. If your sibling is out of town or your friend is not home for Christmas, make a photo card. You can easily print your photo and make it into a card. Write a sweet note wishing them a very merry Christmas.

Snowflake Card

Snowflakes are magical. You’ll need silver paper, white paper, paper, and a stencil. Take the stencil and keep it on the silver piece to draw out a six-armed star. From the inner edge of each arm, draw a line. You’ve got a snowflake.

Button Card

Button cards are sweet and simple. You can make a Rudolf, a snowman, or even a snowfall with these goodies. All you need is a few colourful buttons, a white paper, and a paper gum.

Snowman Card

Like the Santa Clause card, the Snowman card requires cotton balls. Make sure to stick the cotton properly. Try not to make a mess by overusing the gum.

Mistletoe Card

Mistletoes are festive and romantic! You’ll need red, white and green paper, scissors and paper gum. Draw the mistletoe leaf on the green paper and ribbon shape on the red paper. Cut them out properly and stick them upside down on top of the white paper card. Your Mistletoe card is ready! Once you are done if you want them professionally printed American Sign Letters can print them for you.

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