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Are Christmas cards becoming obsolete?

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The advent of newer technologies every day and everything becoming digitalised has had us questioning age-old traditions like sending Christmas greeting cards. Will it become obsolete? Is the tradition that has been popular since the Victorian times disappearing slowly? What is the plight of all the greeting card companies then? To answer these questions, we need to analyse the practice of sending Christmas greeting cards, and what made it so special, and then decide if a forward message is or can take its place.

Technological boom

The world is edging towards a paperless world, thanks to technology. We don’t spend money on post anymore; we just send emails or messages. Why would we want to opt for the option that would take days to convey a notice when we can do it directly through our phones or tablets? We don’t even fill out forms anymore as that can be done digitally as well. So would one want to spend their money and time by sending a physical card?

Harmful to the environment?

Many of us might say that cards are made of paper and paper made of trees, so it is not environment friendly to give cards. These days, there are cards made out f recycled paper available which is both safe for the environment and also a lovely and thoughtful gift to someone.

Why send a card instead of a text?

Sending a card feels more impressive, the fact that not many do it anymore, makes one feel exclusive and feel the warmth of Christmas. A physical card might mean that you have to put some efforts, and that is precisely why you should do it because sending a card shows that you have put efforts for someone. A card says a lot more than any text could ever convey, especially if it’s handmade or handwritten, it could mean so much to a person receiving it.


There are various companies these days that contribute to charity is you buy from that. Doing something nice for someone by purchasing a card and donating to someone that is in need is the right kind of spirit that one should have during the holidays. IF you want to do something nice, you could maybe design the cards and print them or even make the cards on your own and raise funds for a cause and help someone in need.

A card made out of real paper is still preferable by many even today, but we have resorted to sending text messages to get it over with. What I would suggest is if we could at least send Christmas greeting cards to the ones we are fond of and are close to. Hope you send and receive many cards. If you are preparing for Christmas and need a clean out, try dumpster rental naples.

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